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As the only tenant-focused quality-assurance program of its kind in North America, the Certified Rental Building (CRB) program assists Toronto residents in identifying well-run, well-managed and environmentally responsible apartment buildings and apartment homes, providing Quality Rental Housing for Toronto & Ontario Renters.
The CRB program promotes Quality rental housing by requiring compliance with over 50 different Standards of Practices - from resident servicing to building operations to environmental leadership and more. Independent third-party verification, through the respected third party auditor firm J.D. Power, provides residents with the added assurance that CRBP buildings are in strict adherence with the Program’s many Standards of Practice. When apartment seekers see the CRB certification logo displayed they know the building is well maintained, the living conditions are acceptable, and customer service is considered a priority. 

Help Us Exempt the Certified Rental Buildings for Toronto and Ontario Renters from City of Toronto's Proposed Multi-res Apartment Building Licensing Framework

As this is an important issue for Toronto renters, we encourage you to contact your local councillor and the Mayor's Office, asking them to exempt the Certified Rental building Program from the City of Toronto's proposed Licensing. 

Now in its 8th year of operation, over a 100,000 satisfied Toronto renters reside in CRB-approved apartment buildings throughout the City. The City of Toronto’s proposed Multi-res Apartment Building Licensing framework is not as comprehensive as the CRB program, and does not cover areas such as standards for the quality of resident servicing covering such items such as responding to tenant inquiries & maintenance requests, human rights, employee training, environment operations and green apartment living to name a few. The CRB program provides a much more robust and inclusive set of quality standards which ensure Toronto apartment residents are receiving “good” quality rental-housing and more importantly “good” quality service when living in CRB-approved buildings.

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