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Ron Smolarski analyses and reports data for personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases. He is your one stop damage expert.

Beacon  | Based in the Midwest serving the United States

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Ron is certified and academically trained for assistance in defense and for the plaintiff.

Beacon specializes in providing information critical for today’s cases of personal injury by offering integrated expertise.

Attorney comments on cases Ron worked on previously:

Attorney at Law, Michigan

- George E. Potter

Ron's assistance in helping me prepare cross-examination was superb. He provided the most thorough job of evaluation I've ever seen from any rehabilitation consultant and made a major difference when it came to destroying my adversary's case.

Attorney at Law, Ohio

Mr. Smolarski's work in helping us achieve a $1 million plus judgment on behalf of our client was nothing short of remarkable. His attention to the realities and details of our client's personal situation took the opposition apart. And Ron's ability to communicate the nature and importance of such details to members of a jury - without talking down to them - makes him a powerful witness.

- Sam Radner

- John MacLean & Pamela Burbott

Attorney at Law, Michigan

Attorney at Law, Ohio

- Gary J. Leppla

We have obtained the assistance of Beacon Rehabilitation Services, Inc. through Ronald Smolarski, from a life care, vocational and rehabilitation standpoint, over the last several months. We received an excellent report, outstanding support from his staff, and he made himself easily available for deposition and trial preparation process. His input was critical and valuable in the evaluation, analysis and ultimate resolution of a serious case involving a brain damaged child. Mr. Smolarski’s broad expertise, his participation and support in our case was essential and very helpful.

About Ron

For over 40 years Damages Expert Ronald Smolarski has provided his expertise in 26 states, Puerto Rico, South Africa, China and Canada. He has testified and been deposed in many courts throughout the United States. Do you need a professional determination of future medical needs (life care planner), wage loss/earning capacity (vocational expert), future value or present value of damages (forensic

 economist), future value or present value of damages (forensic economist), and/or physical limitations determination (Functional Capacity Evaluation)? A specialist in closed-head injuries, amputations, paralysis, burns, Cerebral Palsy, Brachial Plexus, transplants, and RSD/CRPS, Ron provides evaluations, determinations, and reports to help with your case. Come to Ron for professional results to give you the support you need. Willing to travel throughout the United States.
Expert Ronald Smolarski 

Services He Offers

• Forensic Economist
• Vocational Evaluation
• Functional Capacity Evaluation

Covered Areas Of Law

Personal Injury: Economic, Vocational, Life Care Plan Assessment, FCE
Medical Malpractice: Economic, Vocational, Life Care Plan Assessment, FCE
Wrongful Death: Economic Assessment
Matrimonial: Legal Support Services, Vocational Assessment, FCE
• Life Care Planning
• Medical Projections

Covered Areas Of Law

Personal Injury: Economic, 
  Vocational, Life Care Plan Assessment
Medical Malpractice: Economic, 
  Vocational, Life Care Plan Assessment
Matrimonial: Legal Support Services  
  Vocational Assessment
Wrongful Death: Economic 

Ron Smolarski, MA uses his expertise to provide expert testimony in:

Forensic Economist– Present value and future value of wages, household chores, benefits, future medical, growth rates, discount rates, work life expectancy and life expectancy are determined.

Vocational Expert– All 24 worker traits that the US Department of Labor uses to match a worker to an occupation is evaluated using worker trait factor analysis through transferable skills and objective testing.

Life Care Planner– Analysis of Future Medical is determined by obtaining the purpose, frequency, duration, complications, references & resources of future real world medical costs not government discounted medical costs.

Functional/Work Capacity Evaluator– The worker's functional capacities are compared to those of the general working population, measuring the upper and lower extremities. The worker's strength classification and ability to work at a sustained and competitive rate is determined by weight/force, position and pace criteria at a full range of motion.

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